Seasons of Wisconsin Cheese: Winter

Winter calls for comfort foods like rich cheeses that pair well with seasonal accompaniments and an after dinner nightcap. To mark the first day of winter, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board wants to help you build the perfect winter cheeseboard.

Step 1:
Start with a 5-year-aged Wisconsin cheddar. Not only is this cheese complementary to most accompaniments, it also goes great alongside a glass of warming scotch or brandy.

Step 2:
Add a hard cheese like Wisconsin Parmesan, for its granular texture and salty taste. Pair it with cranberry-orange compote, fresh pomegranate seeds or grapes to balance the saltiness with sweet flavors.


Step: 3
Creamy, soft-ripened cheese, like Wisconsin brie is also a great winter selection because it’s buttery and earthy with a touch of sweetness. Brie is also great for pairing with savory items like salami or with sweet items like sugared cranberries.

Step 4:
Round out your winter cheese sections with a semi-hard variety, such as Wisconsin edam. Nutty and buttery in taste, edam is mild enough for all palates. Pair it with a more flavorful accompaniment, like a panforte made with dried fruits, nuts and spices.

For more inspiration visit Wisconsin Cheese Foodservice.

Want to learn more about cheese pairings? The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board will be at ChefConnect: Chicago and ChefConnect: NYC to do a tasting with Wisconsin Cheddar and Kentucky bourbon.

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