Building the Perfect Summer Cheese Board

In the summer months, cheese can take on a tangy, grassy flavor as dairy cows graze on green, nutrient-rich pastures. Those flavors come through in the milk, and result in even more delicious cheese. To celebrate the start of summer, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board shares tips on how to build the perfect summertime cheeseboard.WMMB_SM2015-SUMMER_CheeseBoard.jpg

Step 1:
Skip rich, more intensely flavored cheeses like aged cheddar, blue and brie in favor of lighter options. Wisconsin Swiss is a nutty cheese that pairs well with fruit, savory meats and fruity wines like a bright, floral Riesling.

Step 2:
Aim for a variety of textures and flavors by including a mix of fresh, soft and hard cheeses. Wisconsin colby-monterey jack is a great option because its flavor and texture goes well with almost any charcuterie or accompaniment from prosciutto-wrapped green beans to fresh raspberries.

Step 3:
Expect the unexpected. Wisconsin ricotta is often overlooked on cheese boards because it isn’t in the traditional table cheese form of a wedge or block. But, its creamy, buttery flavor is an excellent option for simple summer pairings. You can spread ricotta on crostini and top with fresh herbs, pesto or fruit slices for a burst of seasonal flavor.

Visit for more ways to cook, menu and pair Wisconsin cheese.

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