Quick & Dirty Tips for Camera Phone Food Photography

By Jody Shee // Photos courtesy of Foster Deadman

Foster Deadman, Food Fanatic chef for distributor US Foods in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, shows the difference between decent smartphone food photos and great ones by turning your phone upside down.

Quick & Dirty Tips

This pho dish photo was taken as one would normally take it with an iPhone. The focus is clearly on the first bowl.

Foster photo example 1a

However, the secret to the best smartphone photos is to turn the camera upside down. Notice the better depth this angle provides.

Foster photo example 1b

This is the normal angle at which you would take a cell phone photo of this skillet-crusted salmon, coconut crème and bulls blood dish.

Foster photo example 2a

The image appears more straight on when taken close up and with the camera turned upside down, as it is here.

Foster photo example 2b

The image of this red Argentinian shrimp with house pickled onion dish appears flat when taken as one would normally take the photo with a smartphone.

Foster photo example 3a

Taking a close-up of the dish with the phone turned upside down shows texture and more accurate color.

Foster photo example 3b

If you’re interested in taking your food photography skills to the next level, a huge guide to everything from shooting in low light to mistakes to avoid can be found on groomandstyle.com.

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