An Apprentice on the Move: Kendall Ross

_EST1022Kendall Ross, chef de partie, does not stop moving, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Ross is part of a traveling culinary team on tour with Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper, cooking three meals out of a mobile kitchen for a crew of about 100 people in a different location daily.

“We have a large transformer to power everything, two ovens, six induction burners, one flat top, two circulators, one cryovac machine, a Robot Coupe, KitchenAid mixer, pots and pans and smallwares that we pack on a trailer every night,” says Ross. He works directly with two other chefs, with complete creative control over the menu. “It’s a great environment,” he adds.

At 24 years old, an ACF national member, Ross is a graduate of the ACFEF apprenticeship program at The Broadmoor Hotel & Resort, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and staged in such acclaimed establishments as Daniel, The Nomad and The Gasparilla Inn & Club, to name a few.

His outlook is humble and optimistic: “It’s still early in my career. I’m still at the point where I’m learning the cuisine of the masters.” In his downtime, he connects with chefs in cities that he met in years’ past. Indeed, maintaining these connections, along with a solid work ethic, opened the door to this position.

In the future, he plans to open an upscale-casual restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, his hometown. For now, he is building on his experiences to find his voice and develop his own cuisine.

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Follow along to see what Kendall’s life is like since graduating from the ACFEF apprenticeship program at the Broadmoor Hotel & Resort.



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