5 Killa’ Takeaways on Southern Food

By Chef Timothy GrandinettiChef Timothy Grandinetti

There is a nationwide fascination with Southern foods and Southern ingredients.

At ChefConnect: Charlotte in February, I will present an exciting culinary demonstration that showcases the cooking techniques and recipes from the award-winning Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Get ready for  Southern-inspired DELICIOUSNESS! Here are five takeaways you can expect from this presentation:

1. One of the oldest forms of preserving foods is CONFIT! I’ll show you how to create this time-honored tradition of cooking in fat, but here’s the basic rundown:

Spring House Front Door View

Spring House Restaurant

  • Step 1: Take an aggressively spiced protein and submerge in a bubbling cauldron of its own fat surrounded with aromatics, spices and herbs.
  • Step 2: Allow to slowly cook to create the tender deliciousness
  • Step 3: Store in an earthenware crock covered in the delicious cooking fat.
  • Step 4: Enjoy!

2. BBQ is an important part of the heritage and history of North Carolina. My demonstration will explore two distinct BBQ styles, known as Lexington and Eastern-style BBQ, which allows for spirituous debate and comment. I love BBQ and everything about it—the history, the art of the pig and the haunting flavors that gratify. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ho Cake Cropped_small

Chef’s Hocakes

3. Cornbread, hoecakes and pone are a genuinely Southern, time-tested dish. The simple combination of cornmeal, salt and fat spiced up with hickory-smoked tomato, our signature pimento cheese and the spice of jalapeno peppers has become a signature dish at Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar. I’ll show you how to make your own and here’s a recipe to try for yourself.

4. From the very first foraged ramps of Spring to the last harvest of Winter’s root vegetables, a never-ending repertoire of flavor combinations allows the Spring House culinary team to highlight and showcase the season’s best flavors. We’ll show you how to capture these flavors in a mason jar!

5. My cooking style includes the desire and commitment to utilize ultra-premium, fresh ingredients driven by the seasons. The farmer’s market is where culinary ideas are exchanged, and where the freshest grown vegetables and herbs, produced by respectful and sustainable methods are on display. It’s a meeting place where I connect with friends, farmers and my community. We’ll talk about how to build these relationships and be better stewards of the community.

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Meet Chef Grandinetti at ChefConnect: Charlotte on Monday, Feb. 26.

Chef Grandinetti is a fourth-generation culinarian, highly respected for his culinary professionalism and passionate approach to foods and the total dining experience. He recently released his first cookbook, Soulful Harvest: Signature Recipes, Timeless Techniques & Culinary Reflections. The 238-page cookbook features 190 of Chef Grandnetti’s favorite recipes and is a culinary journey inspired by a lifetime of creative cooking in cadence with the seasons using ingredients harvested from area farmers and producers.

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