Recipe: White Chocolate Bonbons With Aged Gruyere Ganache

Cheese takes center stage in so many beloved dishes, it’s easy to forget the subtle, playful, balancing qualities it can provide — whether injecting umami into the background of a dish, or toying with our expectations about classic compositions, from soufflés to cacio e pepe to quesadillas.

Aged Gruyere balances the sweet flavor of white chocolate and mango in the recipe below, which originally appeared in the May/June issue of The National Culinary Review.

Read more about the many qualities cheese can bring to a menu.

Recipe: White Chocolate Bonbons With Aged Gruyere Ganache

White Chocolate Bonbons With Aged Gruyere Ganache

by Jérôme Landrieu, Chef, Cacao Barry, Chicago

Yield: about 50 bonbons

Toasted coconut base
26.5 g passion fruit puree
34.5 g granulated sugar
130 g desiccated coconut

METHOD: Simmer puree and sugar. Add desiccated coconut. Toast in oven at 248ºF for 20 minutes, mixing every 5 minutes. Reserve.

Almond coconut praline base
15.9 g water
55.8 g granulated sugar
16.7 g powdered glucose
19.1 g toasted coconut flakes
87.7 g toasted almonds
0.7 g vanilla bean
4 g milk powder 0%

METHOD: Make a brun caramel with water, sugar and glucose. Pour over coconut, almonds and vanilla bean. Grind with milk powder until praline texture. Set aside.

Coconut/Almond Crunchy
60 g Cacao Barry Zephyr 34% white chocolate
240 g Cacao Barry deodorized cocoa butter
100 g almond coconut praline base
1 g Cacao Barry pailleté feuilletine
1 g toasted coconut base

METHOD: Melt chocolate and cocoa butter. Add praline base. Crystallize. Add feuilletine and coconut base. Cast in 2-mm frame; let set. Cut 25-mm disks.

Mango Confit
65.3 g premium dried apricots
130.5 g mango puree
32.6 g passion fruit puree
9.8 g granulated sugar
9.8 g sorbitol powder
2 g pectin NH

METHOD: Dice apricots. Add mango and passion fruit purees. Let soak overnight. Following day, blend mix; add dry ingredients. Simmer mixture. Chill. Cast in half-sphere silicone molds with 19-mm cavity. Freeze.

Aged Swiss Gruyere Cheese Ganache
166 g cream 36%
15 g powdered sorbitol
65 g aged Gruyere cheese
185 g Cacao Barry Zephyr 34% white chocolate
12 g butter
5 g Cacao Barry deodorized cocoa butter

METHOD: Combine cream, sorbitol and Gruyere. Heat mixture to 70ºC; pour over chocolate and butters. Make an emulsion. Chill to 28ºC. Cast.

Cacao Barry Zephyr 34% white chocolate, tempered
Yellow and white colored cocoa butter, tempered

To assemble:
1. Spray molds with colored cocoa butter according to photo or design of choice. Let set.
2. Make chocolate shells with Zephyr 34% white chocolate.
3. Pipe 2 g ganache in each cavity. Place half sphere of mango confit; top with another 1 g ganache.
4. Place disk of crunchy on top.
5. When ganache is set, seal with more Zephyr 34% white chocolate.

One thought on “Recipe: White Chocolate Bonbons With Aged Gruyere Ganache

  1. Sorry to note that the ACF editors show again lack of judgement by printing a scurrile, bizarre and idiotic recipe. I wonder how many kitchen can scale out 15.9 g water (give me a break!) and 07 g Vanilla Bean. It did not specify what kind of vanilla bean, the pastry master forgot to mention that. I wonder what 1 g Paillette Feuilletine is; it must be very precious and hard to portion into 1 g slices? And then there is 65 g aged Gruyere he put together with all the other stuff. In one chunk or grated or chopped?
    So ACF editors, move back into the real world and don’t print nonsense.

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