Food allergies are no laughing matter

by Jocelyn Tolbert


While food allergies are often dismissed as people just being picky, the reality is that food allergies can be life-threatening. Knowing the difference between allergies and intolerances, and how to deal with each, is of utmost importance for a chef.

Understanding how to avoid feeding customers potentially harmful food can be the difference between life and death for your customers, your reputation, and make or break your career,” says Leah Sarris, Executive Chef at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine. An allergy is an immune response and can cause a life-threatening reaction from a very small amount of inhalation or ingestion. An intolerance is not an immune-related reaction, and generally will not be life-threatening.”

Want to learn more? Sarris gives a hands-on workshop at Goldring Center at Tulane University School of Medicine on July 15 during Cook. Craft. Create.

Attendees to this workshop are eligible to receive CEHs. Pre-registration ends this Friday, June 22. Afterwards, attendees must register on-site.

One thought on “Food allergies are no laughing matter

  1. Allergies can be life treating and are serious. However the responsibility for avoiding potentially dangerous foods rests squarely with the customers. Chefs should not attempt to list on the menu specific dietary claims. It is just about impossible for a busy restaurant to adhere to dietary rules and restriction. A restaurant is potentially liable if a client gets sick believing the meal followed all dietary rules. My advise: Don’t claim anything!

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